Actor Park Minwoo revealed his special relationship with group Shinhwa’s member Lee Minwoo and attracted attention for showing his gratitude to him.

On SBS ‘Good Sunday - Roommate’ that aired on the 31st, Park Minwoo and Seo Kangjun went to the place where Park Minwoo worked at prior to debut.

The shop is run by Lee Minwoo’s own elder sister.

Park Minwoo recalled about getting to know Lee Minwoo prior to his debut on Roommate.

Park Minwoo said, “(Lee Minwoo) hyung made me exercise and control my diet for half a year, and even gave me clothes without hesitation,” and expressed his gratitude.

Adding on, Park Minwoo said, “If I ever receive an award at an awards ceremony, I’ll mention Minwoo-hyung’s name,” and even teared up.

Lee Minwoo’s sister said, “It’s nice seeing that he has ambition and passion towards things that he himself wants to do,” and lavished praised about Park Minwoo.

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Eric gifs in Discovery of Romance (3-4/?)

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Eric gifs in Discovery of Romance (1-2/?)

those awkward and butterfly feelings when you started to like someone 


it’s like some kind of surprise proposal (^///^) (cr  2h)

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Eric’s deadly stares in Discovery of Romance Preview 


140816 Kim Dongwan leaving after a Hedwig performance
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too hungry for some dongwan.

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Dongwan wants to take Junjin to the Himalayas.



The love of her 20s was fresh and exciting because it was her first. It came to a close a long time ago, though, and the 32 year old Han Yeoreum now dates the ‘tall and too handsome’ Nam Hajin. 2 years into their relationship, however, Yeoreum hears something shocking.

"Hey, I heard Nam Hajin’s meeting a girl, looking to get married."

Yeoreum rushes to the hotel Hajin’s rumored to be meeting the girl, but instead of finding Hajin she runs into an unexpected figure.

"I missed you a lot. I’ve missed you all this time."

Her past lover Kang Taeha starts to say things she can’t understand. They dated for 5 years, 5 years ago. This isn’t the last time she runs into Taeha, though. Yeoreum, drunk, goes to pick up her lost cellphone, and Taeha appears out of nowhere. The situation then takes a mysterious turn…

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Forever kids in heart ♥

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