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I couldn’t tell it’s already been so long ;~; Nearly two years of bringing SHCJ’s pure Shinhwa-style entertainment! I haven’t been along for the whole way, but nonetheless I thank you for being together through such an amazing show. Even though at the final episode, you were two men down from when you started, the show was still great while it lasted, and my favorite thing to watch. 

Thank you for being the weekly dosage of Shinhwa and happiness through the stressful times! You really made my days, and (more than often) made my weeks. Being able to see you guys be purely yourselves, and get infected with your smiles and laughing lit up my time! It was brilliant and I definitely look forward to when OT6 will reappear on variety as one ♥ 

[News] Eric-Jung Eunji, have you seen such an awkward couple?


Like newly-wed couple that just quarreled? Or how a campus couple looks after ending 6 years of dating? In ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, Eric and Jung Eunji were caught pitifully being awkward around each other in the same car, sparking curioisity.

Regarding this, the producers explained, “Shinhwa’s Eric has fallen deeply for Apink’s Jung Eunji’s charm.” It’s an ironic explanation to the relationship between the 2 of them which is totally different from the atmosphere of the picture. In that case, the background to it is? That (Eric) likes (Jung Eunji) so much that their first meeting is awkward?

In JTBC “Shinhwa Broadcast - Little Legends Shinhwa Finds” that airs on the 12th, we meet with ‘Boxing Brothers’ Kang Moosoo and Kang Donghyun, who’re focused on exercising because of dreams to become boxers despite the difficult situation they’re in.


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ShinBang S2 Ep7-8: The JUNGs



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How Shinhwa falls asleep after 15 years together


The Strength of Shinhwa’s Friendship

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