Track Title: Buen Camino

Artist: 신혜성 & 린(Lyn)

Album: Once Again #1

Buen Camino feat. Lyn

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Hyesung: A night where Hyesung shines. Hello, this is DJ Shin Hyesung of A Night Where Hyesung Shines. The song that starts off “Once Again” is Buen Camino, the song from my first solo album “Love Of May”. The original song was a duet I sang with senior Kang Susie. This time, I worked with Lyn, whom everyone really likes.

Hyesung: Sejin ah.
Lyn: Who is it?
Hyesung: Good morning.
Lyn: AH!! Hello.
Hyesung: Wah, Bride-to-be! Bride-to-be.
Lyn: Aigoo…

Hyesung: Because it wasn’t a title song, it’s a song the general public doesn’t really know about. Personally, I really love the…it’s a little shameless to be saying this myself, but amongst the songs I’ve sung up till now, it’s a classic song, haha, that I really cherish a lot. 

Hyesung: I’ll listen to it once. I’m really sorry. Haha. I think you can take a breath here. Lyn ah, calm down! It’s ok.
Lyn: I’m going crazy! I’ll do it again.
Hyesung: It’s alright, you can do it. I’ll listen to it once. Wow!

Hyesung: Today, I have a special guest next to me. Lyn, Sejin, you’ve participated in the first song of my project. Thank you.
Lyn: Ay, thank you.
Hyesung: We worked together on ‘Buen Camino’. How was it? Recording is done.
Lyn: This is a song that I’ve liked a lot since the past. When sunbaenim (Hyesung) contacted me and asked if I’d like to sing this song with you, I was really happy. Because it’s a song I cherished, and was also in Shin Hyesung’s album, and Oppa and I match quite well. I’m really very happy you thought of me as the first parter (to work with).
Hyesung: Actually, when I first started on this project, I thought a lot over who I should sing the first song with. During the time I was a singer, the person I sang a duet with the most was…
Lyn: That’s right.
Hyesung: Lyn. That’s why I’m most comfortable with you, and for various reasons, I thought you’d be the best choice. But recently, you’re quite busy. You’re a new bride aren’t you? You’re quite busy, but you readily accepted, saying it’s a song you really like. So I’m very thankful. The recording is over and everyone, really, you should look forward to it. Listen to the original song, then listen to this version, and you’ll really be able to feel the difference.
Lyn: It was a song that senior Kang Susie sang very femininely, very prettily, because she has a pretty voice. I wanted to sing it more jazzy. But I was worried it wouldn’t fit very well with Oppa, so I sang it by mixing a few styles. And, honestly, this is a genre I really like, bossa nova. When the rearrangement arrived, the piano sound at the start captured my heart. Although this is a song unrelated to the weather, I thought you would be able to think about people you’ve missed, people who’ve left, on a summer’s night, while having a drink. I liked the arrangement as well, so I worked hard during recording.
Hyesung: I’m glad you liked it.
Lyn: Yeah, well, when we sing a song, although this happened in the past, we always topped charts didn’t we?
Hyesung: Yeah.
Lyn: We didn’t even expect it!
Hyesung: Haha!
Lyn: Right? We were shocked weren’t we.
Hyesung: Ah, if you say that, and this song didn’t top charts, then what are we to do. We’ll be in trouble.
Lyn: Ay~ it’s number 1 in my heart! It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.
Hyesung: However it performs, the process of creating this song itself was good.
Lyn: Thank you for calling me.

Hyesung: Everyone, it’s worth anticipating it. Alrght then, everyone, see you next time.

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Hyesung Picspam ❤

Hyesung Picspam ❤

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