Discovery of Romance Teaser (x)

Yo G.O.D is back, Everyone together 1, 2, 3, 4

G.O.D with a partying style, Just like how oppa dances, follow

It’s a burning Saturday, gather here, Hey party up all night long

G.O.D - Saturday Night (x)


Eric in The Classic: Making Story Book

Eric & Minwoo | The Classic: Making Story Book

M’s Taxi Girl Preview on 140201 Music Core

Nope, totally didn’t notice that, Hyesung.

(Vid: Years Journey 2012-2013 Concert DVD, request by: ichashinhwa)

When you’re with your friends and suddenly step aside to receive a call.

Master M and his Red Wings family ♥

The young cast of Barefoot Friends

Eric featured in Stellar’s Rocket Girl

Erilien ^^