Eric gifs in Discovery of Romance (1-2/?)

those awkward and butterfly feelings when you started to like someone 

Eric’s deadly stares in Discovery of Romance Preview 

Eric and Sung Joon in Discovery of Romance Teaser BTS


Discovery of Romance Teaser (x)

Yo G.O.D is back, Everyone together 1, 2, 3, 4

G.O.D with a partying style, Just like how oppa dances, follow

It’s a burning Saturday, gather here, Hey party up all night long

G.O.D - Saturday Night (x)


Eric in The Classic: Making Story Book

Eric & Minwoo | The Classic: Making Story Book

M’s Taxi Girl Preview on 140201 Music Core

Nope, totally didn’t notice that, Hyesung.

(Vid: Years Journey 2012-2013 Concert DVD, request by: ichashinhwa)

When you’re with your friends and suddenly step aside to receive a call.